After the long 8 years Bachelor's path from Bunker hill where I got my associates and transferred to Wentworth Institute of Technology, I can finally say I am done. The ceremony was interesting I had really no idea what was going on. Apparently, I was the only one from my major graduating that day.

They told us to come at 12:30, but it seemed to drag on waiting for the commencement at 2 PM. I managed to fill myself up on chewy Nature's Valley bars and chips just before we had to go. We filed in right after the bagpipe marching band. Everything seemed to go smoothly after that.

I graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in Computer Networking and a minor in computer science. Great job by Wentworth to power through 300+ graduates in a relatively short period of time. My wife, Melania, my wife's friends, my parents, and brother came to the ceremony. Seats were not a problem since there was a low amount of graduates at the graduation.

They had two speakers before the diplomas. The first speaker was a master student graduating with special honors. She was mostly talking to the women of the audience and told them to stop caring because it was being a roadblock in their careers. The second speaker was more interesting. He moved to the US from Lebanon in the 80's and basically only knew 'hi' and 'bye'. He worked his way up and by accident landed himself a public sector job at Massport. He talked about some of his struggles as a Muslim immigrant after 9/11 and his successes at work. He was given an honorary degree from Wentworth.

Afterwards, my family left for the afternoon, and my wife and I went home with her friends and had some Monte Cristo's to celebrate. I thought the Russians understood what fajitas were and they ordered two big meals for themselves. I just went with the tried and trusted burrito. They were so surprised at the amount of food and the three of them were unable to finish. Rest of the night was spent with well-deserved relaxation.

Graduation photo