What I am doing this week

  • Continuing to complete my Appeals database App at work (This will be ongoing until completion)
  • Software Engineering Update
  • Career Fair

Appeals Database

I didn't specifically work on anything regarding the website this week. It has been all hands on deck trying to get to get AWS up and running for next week. We are able to connect these AWS Workspaces up to our virtual private cloud (VPC) and get access to a windows 10 box with SQL Management Studio. This will streamline the process of getting people connected and workspaces even support accessing the instance via a web browser, Chromebook, IOS, and Andriod. I managed to get everything up and running in a few days and now it is up to the database team to get me a backup I can work with so I can load the SQL instance with some data.

Software Engineering

Group had already completed all the labs until number 10. I think we will be helping other folks complete their deliverables and try to get this project done in the next couple weeks. Quiet week for software engineering.

Career Fair

The fair was split up to the auditorium in Watson Hall and the gymnasium. I started with the auditorium first. I first took care of my LinkedIn photo because I figured the longer I waited the less good I would look. The first couple booths were awkward but I got the hang of it once I transitioned to the gym. It wasn't until halfway through the fair I noticed that the colors under the company logos matched our name tags. Each major had their own color and you can just quickly look to figure out what each employer was looking for.

I stopped by the FBI booth and noticed that they were packed with students. I started to stand with a group but got quickly bored because all the person was talking about was drugs and what would immediately disqualify you from the FBI. Starry seamed like a cool place to work, they were interested in any experience in Golang. I only got to talk to the guy who handles the networking side of things. I talked to some folks from Moviri and they were super psyched to talk to me. I will probably have an interview sometime next week. One of the companies I didn't do any research on impressed me the most.

Fast Enterprises is doing work with local government agencies around the country offering their technical expertise and tax product. Currently, they were working with the RMV to update their systems. They are working with the department of revenue to migrate them to their tax system. They are currently looking for a technical team member that would be able to work with the clients directly building out solutions for them. The most attractive opportunity is the relocation services provided. I wouldn't be guaranteed a spot in Boston, but I can submit to HR 3 places in the US I would want to live in, and 3 places I would not. I told my wife right after I went home and she was more than onboard to relocate somewhere warmer. I had a formal interview with the company Friday. I think it went well. I only had 30 minutes to take the informal test and I went with a rather unoptimized IsPrime() function. I was testing every number every number less than the parameter starting at 1 and continuing upwards until either the current iteration is a multiple or I ran out of numbers. This method doesn't scale well with large numbers and I was grilled on it. I answered all their questions and besides the inefficient method, I feel I did well. I hope they answer back because this company looks seriously promising.