If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it.
Paul Walker

What I am doing this week

  • Continuing to complete my Appeals database App at work (This will be ongoing until completion)
  • Software Engineering
  • Other Classes

Appeals Database

Actually took a break from the database this week because I had a lot of other priorities at work I needed to take care of first.

Software Engineering

We actually got a lot done last week and I took a break from software engineering to help out my wife with our newborn child. I also worked on my online course report about GORM which I have mentioned a lot in my blogs. I rewatched some of the sections with 2 times playback. Other than that I really focused on my other classes and home life.

Other Classes

After some painstakingly long hours troubleshooting what was going wrong with my PXE environment, I manage to successfully get a virtual machine to boot over the network. It was part CentOS7 changing a lot from CentOS6 and the fact that the lab I was working with was made in 2013 so a lot has changed in 5 years. After that, I started working on another lab about LDAP. I think I found a bug in the 389-console that prevents the administrator from excepting the SSL certification. I had to re-install 389-ds and start all over again without securing the communications with the admin portal.

In Data Structures, I had to work with previous knowledge of doubly-linked lists and add an iterator function for the users to use to further control their data that isn't possible from the base set of functions. My iterator allows them to traverse back and forth and let them control their output I couldn't even imagine. For example, the teacher wrote a text file that had a secret message if you played it in reverse and skipped every other letter. I was able to successfully do it with an array linked-list, but because I was lazy and added everything to the beginning of a list the message prints out incorrectly. I need to revisit and see if I can add everything to the end.