Baby Melania Walsh is here

Here is my non-software engineering blog post. I was all set to go back to work on Monday the 22nd on Sunday night. My wife and I were together in the evening watching movies together. I always assumed that when a water breaks it would just all come out all at once. Instead, my wife's water had been leaking slowly over the past few days. Today was just enough to be concerned about. We called the doctor and she told us to come in as fast as we can.

So, I am panicking and call my parents and say we need to go to the hospital and my mom instantly picked up that I was nervous. My brain was moving 100 miles an hour and within 20 minutes we were packed and ready to go. Our new dog Teddy was feeling the energy in the room and let go right near the door as we were putting on our coats. I just leashed him and had my wife take him out. I quickly through some baking soda on it because I had no time to deal with that right now. It later caked over and was hard as a rock by Wednesday afternoon.

Everything was calm on the ride over. We get in, the nurses register us and we get a room in the labor/delivery ward. My wife's first language is not English, and we almost had a situation where because I was trying to explain to my wife in as plain English as possible the questions they were asking the staff were ready to get the police involved and physically remove me from the hospital. The nurses and doctor thought maybe I was too controlling and forcing my wife into this situation. Whatever, I don't want to miss my child's birth just because the all women staff hate men or something (joking they were all sweet once everything was settled).

My wife, god bless her soul, did exactly what she set out to do. This is a person who won't take a Tylenol to ease minor pains. She had to be induced because we couldn't pin point whether her water just ruptured or happened a few days prior so there was nothing she could say about that. But she did the rest of the labor painless and all natural. And after she was stitched up she walked herself to the six floor to maternity. Absolute trooper.

I couldn't be more happier and more prouder of my wife. I was able to cut the cord, and I held her hand the whole time. I just sat there and shut upped and watched. I don't think I had the words at the time to speak and distract from what happened. Everything moved so fast and now I am a new dad. There was no doubt in my wife's and mine mind that she wasn't a Jenna, and the only name that made sense was Melania.

The hospital was great enough to allow me to stay in a bed near my wife and child for the next two days. It has been rough since then as my little Melania is a night owl. We had a couple tough nights and Anastasia is getting use to breast-feeding. We are handling it together and that is the most important thing. I am so happy for my new family and cannot wait for all the good years to look forward to.